Components. Props. JSX. Hooks. How’d you React?

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This post took a little longer than planned but here it is nonetheless. Had to redo the entire post as my entire initial draft got lost in Medium’s ether. Tip: SAVE YOUR WORK.

In my previous post, I discussed my first project which was based on jQuery. That was fun, but as they say, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

Helpful? Yes. Needed? Sometimes. Should you know them? Absolutely.

What are JavaScript methods?

JavaScript is one of the most flexible and widely used programming languages around, so it comes as no surprise that there are an array (haha) of methods which you can use on Strings, Arrays, and Objects!

JS methods are built-in and thus can be used on any array instance, as long as you’ve created them with some useful elements! The following syntax is how you call a method on an array:

someArray.nameOfMethod() // pseudocode

Most of the time, array methods have a callback function inside which are what makes them truly powerful, as we will see below.


This list is…

nothing like jQuery to get you going

Data Crunch by Jacob Lim. Icons from

My first two posts were in 2018? What the heck happened since then? Yeah I wondered about that myself. Life I guess. But what’s important is that I’m back — kinda — and I’m going to tell you about something new that’s been going on.

Just over a month ago I left my pretty comfortable job at an energy company to go down a path some have described as “brave”, “inspiring”, “the right choice”. Others as “foolish”, “a waste”, “a mistake”, you get the idea. As with most things you can get pretty polarising opinions depending on who you ask…

All anyone can talk about these days is the brewing trade war between the US and China. With good reason. Both of these countries are the two largest in the world, and combined, account for nearly half of the global nominal GDP. So let’s take a quick dive and explore what has happened so far, what it means, and what could happen next.


Since the Global Financial Crisis in 2008, the US has been on the second longest expansion run in history, and is on track to break the record run set in 2001. This has been possible due…

The economy has never looked better. The US is on the second longest expansion run on record. Unemployment is at an 18-year low at 3.8% and looks set to go even lower. How does the little red dot compare? Singapore’s GDP grew by 4.4% in Q1, driven by manufacturing, finance and wholesale trade. The Ministry of Trade and Industry narrowed its full year growth forecast from 1.5–3.5% to 2.5–3.5%. The last time this happened, we were recovering from the throes of the Global Financial Crisis in 2011, signalling that the MTI is confident in growth prospects for the rest of…


A Singaporean perspective. Sometimes I write. Sometimes I code. Mostly I watch lots of movies.

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